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Britta and Annie Thingathon
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Britta and Annie fic and art exchange

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A thingaton involves writers and artists signing up to participate in a fic-and-art exchange. You offer to write or create art around Britta-and-Annie (friendship or femslash), and in return, a fic/art piece will be made for you according to your prompts/submissions. Welcomes Gen, Het, Femslash and threesomes, but the focus of this 'thon is Britta and Annie.

This is a fic and art exchange with a much lower minimum requirement than the usual ficathons and thing-a-thons. To take part, you can produce a minimum of 100 word drabble or just one icon or piece of art - but obviously it would be nice if you could offer a little more ;)

Seriously, anything goes. Het, gen, femslash, genderswap slash, 100 to 10,000 words, 1 to 100 icons, wallpapers, vids, LJ headers...and with any rating.


Sign-ups open: September 8th - 20th
Assignments handed out: September 24th
Assignments due: October 24th

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